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So, has your soul opened?

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Momentary ThoughtsFront Cover

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Your own greatness will unveil, when you let your Soul to shines.

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Momentary Thoughts

Ponder This:

“If you believe your destination,

you become your goal.”

Torry Fountinhead 2004

Momentary Thoughts

"At first, you might notice that each entry is titled, but they were not addressing any particular recipient, yet, you may distinctly feel that they were written with someone in mind, and you’d be right."

"Like all self-expressions, the need to talk, whether in speech or in writing, occurs in response to Life itself, and the way it touches us - Humans."

"A thought is created - and captured, herein."

"Essays may be developed, but sometimes – keeping it short may create a far greater engagement with you, the reader, than spelling it all out."

"How wonderful contemplation may be – if we just take the time…"

Other Coming Soon Books of A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

Torry Fountinhead has number of books at work, please check with us again for news of upcoming publications.

A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series is a philosophical and spiritual literary works, one of the series Torry Fountinhead is writing. Torry Fountinhead also writes children's books.